Antwoord van Al Lowe

Een paar dagen geleden stuurde ik Al Lowe, geestelijk vader van de game-reeks Leisure Suit Larry met de vraag of het een probleem is om Ken Sent Me als bedrijfsnaam te gebruiken. Vandaag kwam een antwoord.

Mijn mail:

Dear mr. Lowe,

I’ve been a fan of the Leisure Suit Larry series for years, ever since the first episode. That’s why i have been using a nickname referring to the game on many different websites. First it was LeisureSuitLarry and after Magna Cum Laude came out i changed it to KenSentMe. By now i’m using it also as a professional (i’m a Dutch journalist) and people on Twitter know me by the name KenSentMe.

I was wondering if there would be a problem (with you or Sierra) if i start using KenSentMe as a company name? I could have just started using the name and you would probably have never heard of it, but i thought it would be better to just ask before acting. Just in case my company will be the new Vivendi Universal 😉 That’s why i’m sending you this e-mail.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van de Nieuwenhof aka KenSentMe

En dit was zijn antwoord:

You’re asking the wrong person, Jeroen. I don’t own the rights to any of the games or characters I created for Sierra; they do. Or rather, they did before they sold out to CUC, then Cendant, then Havas, then Vivendi, and then Activision, who finally sold the rights to Codemasters. With all the turnover those companies have, I doubt anyone there knows who I am either.

That said, what are the chances that anyone there would even know that Ken Sent Me was in one of their games? Quite small, I bet.

And morally? Since it was my idea, and they’re totally ignoring the games even though they own the rights, I say you should use it until you get in trouble–which I bet is never! Enjoy!!


Een dagvaarding is dus niet uitgesloten, maar zoals Al Lowe al zegt. Hoe groot is de kans dat iemand het ooit op zal merken?